The hidden magic of simply going for a walk

by John Vine
by John Vine

It would be difficult to count all the benefits of this, the simplest and most easily accessible form of taking some exercise.

Doctors and fitness experts can all wax lyrical, about how regular brisk walking will improve and maintain so many aspects of our physical health.

What is less obvious, are the difficult-to-quantify advantages, which walking provides, courtesy of the almost magical mind-body connection.

For those who are fortunate like me, walking in the immediate neighbourhood brings close proximity with nature. Woodlands, birds and small animals etc. present many and varied views and experiences, throughout the four seasons.

Being a part of this beautiful and wondrous creation, can only pour positive effects onto whatever personal situation I might find myself in.

When countryside is not readily accessible, most towns and cities can offer some areas and times of relative peace, in which to get away from the day’s hurly-burly.

happy-hikingIn the course of half an hour or so, good days can easily turn into great ones, while bad days certainly improve – sometimes becoming good ones before I have even realised.

There has even been research which shows that those who are prone to unhappiness, through depression and anxiety, can relieve their symptoms significantly – and thus feel much better, with regular walking.

An appropriate amount of exercise is a vital part of keeping our healthy life in balance. I suggest that you use any opportunity to include relaxing walks in your schedule – particularly if you believe you are ‘too busy’ to do so!