Eating Well and Staying Happy

by John Vine
by John Vine

That these two ideas are very closely linked should be obvious.

Unfortunately, mistakes in your diet can sometimes take a long time to do any damage which is noticeable.

In contrast, too much sugar taken in too quickly soon makes its presence felt. Similarly, if your diet does not contain enough of the right type of fibre, your bowels will not move as frequently as is necessary to keep you healthy.

I believe statistics show us that the problems caused by too little fibre are far more common than would be expected; the effects of retaining waste in the body longer than necessary can be serious as well as unpleasant.

Those are just two examples of why it is wise to educate yourself about what you eat.

For those with the most common of all dietary problems – excess weight – a multi billion industry is there to take advantage.

There is probably more mis-information and downright deception about how to lose weight than just about any subject on earth.

One only has to see the unfortunates in the fast food queue, waddling back to their tables with double burgers, fries etc., along with a ‘diet drink’. Many of them could probably give you a long explanation of how their hormone problems cause them to gain weight.

Some of them are stupid, yes, but the food industry giants are so clever, with their marketing of near-worthless food-like substances, many can hardly be blamed for being taken in.

There is probably no such thing as the perfect diet. All we can do is educate ourselves to the degree

thpost-itsat we can use our food intake to stay fit and healthy, while doing as little damage as possible.

In these days of widely available information, this should be something which is within the capabilities of any moderately well educated person.

Here at healthy happy in later life, our mission is to make available some of the latest thinking, along with timeless wisdom passed down through generations.

Keeping the ‘food leg’ of our table in balance will give us all the opportunity to live long happy lives.

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