Hurry up and wait

by John Vine
by John Vine

Most people’s lives are hectic at times.

Sometimes even downright stressful.

At times like these I like to remember a quote from Bob Proctor – “You do not need to slow down, you need to calm down”.

Easier said than done? Yes, but believe it or not, this is something which can learned and then put into practice.

Once you can effectively ‘calm down’ at will, life becomes much easier to handle and hence a whole lot more enjoyable.

I have found that there two secrets to being able to ‘calm down’. First, make sure to be getting enough good quality sleep. I do not think it can be emphasized too much, just how important this is.

Secondly, research and learn one of the many relaxation/meditation techniques, which are readily available.


My own experience of this started when I discovered transcendental meditation (TM) and learned to meditate effectively using a personal mantra. This particular method would be difficult to learn properly without individual, personal instruction, but I found the effort of attending classes worthwhile.

For those unable, or unwilling to seek out formal meditation training, there are many excellent opportunities available, as audio lessons and courses online.

Some time ago, Oprah joined forces with Deepack Chopra to produce a series, which I thought was particularly worthwhile.

I really would urge anyone, who wants to live a happier healthier life, to find a relaxation method which suits them and make it a regular part of their routine.

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