Meditation – what exactly is it and why do all the successful people I know consider it to be an essential part of their routine?

My own definition of meditation (whatever particular technique one uses) is ‘time to yourself, for yourself’.

This special time for yourself might be just a few minutes of quiet, or it might be an extended period of up to an hour or more.

The important thing is, that it is time during which you ‘quiet your mind’ and allow your mind and bodyto relax as near to completely as possible.

Once you look deeply into the subject, there are just so many benefits to practising meditation, itis rather too difficult to highlight any specifics.

To my mind, first and foremost are the measureable health benefits, which are gradually being acceptedby much of the medical establishment.

pretty young woman doing yoga exercise at home
pretty young woman doing yoga exercise at home

During periods of mediation, heart rate and blood pressure decrease considerably, while the relaxationof body and mind can be as beneficial as healthy sleep.

This does not mean that meditation can take the place of good sleep, but for some people – myselfincluded – effective meditation can reduce the amount of sleep needed.

In this modern world, when so many people complain of the effects of pressure and stress, it is hard toput a value on the benefits of effective relaxation.

I can think of no aspect of life, whether physical, mental, social or spiritual, which is not improved bythe regular practice of an effective meditation technique.