Exercise Sleep Meditation Food While I consider these four ‘legs’, supporting the ‘table of life’, to be of equal importance, lack of good sleep would probably be the one which has the quickest
short term effect.

It might take a few weeks before the effect of poor quality food, meditation or exercise made much of a noticeable difference.

In contrast, the effects of only two or three consecutive nights without good restful sleep will show themselves in quite dramatic fashion.

We have probably all demonstrated an ability to function reasonably well after one bad night. When thisis not soon made up for, then the consequences can be serious indeed.


The inability to concentrate or think straight can make normal everyday standards of behaviour impossible to maintain.

While it can require near super-human effort just to maintain a status quo, the will to make any real progress in life can prove near impossible.

When lack of good quality sleep becomes regular or even habitual, the long term effects on health can be very severe. Being continually unhappy and unfulfilled can eventually lead to clincal depression.

The evidence for the number of people who suffer sleep problems can be seen in number and amounts of drugs, which so many rely on. It does not take a genius to know that long-term use of such medication is far from ideal.

Keeping our four ‘legs’ – exercise, food, meditation and sleep – in balanced harmony is a far more satisfactory way of maintaining the possibility of a longer happier life.