Hello and Welcome

by John Vine
by John Vine
Why Healthy Happy Ideas?
Many people who know me are already aware of my ambition to live to be at least 100 years old.
The operative word in this goal description is LIVE – actively, usefully and happily.
The need to stay Healthy is an obvious pre-requirement.
Living near to an old people’s home, I am only too conscious of how many simply survive and do little but continue to breathe.
While having a degree of sympathy, it is a constant reminder that I desire something vastly different.
To this end, I am making it my purpose to be totally dedicated to helping myself – and as many others as possible – to stay healthy and happy.
We all then have the chance to live longer healthier lives.
My vision is to keep up with and share the latest thinking and research, while reminding us of received wisdom, passed down from previous generations.
When we keep our lives in balance, using the four ‘legs’ of Food, Sleep, Meditation and Exercise, however long we live, we should always be as good as we can be.
I intend that this will be the first of many such messages, so I hope you will stay with us, long into the distant future!